AFTER Foreclosure Solutions

We look for property that has already been foreclosed on. Then, by contacting the ex-owner,
we buy the property back. When we do this, we;

Pay off debt that was against the property at the foreclosure.

Make it impossible for those debt holders to get a deficiency judgment
against you, and often get that debt off your credit!

Make it impossible for those creditors to attach a judgment or lien against
an estate for that debt.

AND, we can often also make you money in the process!

We don’t charge you anything upfront, and we pay for all costs – attorneys, court
costs, all the debt, etc.

Of course, we do this for a profit. We make money by re-selling the property or the
rights to the property.

We’re BBB accredited, A+ Rated &

a member of the

Please see AFTER-Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions for More Information or call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
AFTER-Foreclosure Solutions:


How Do I Know You Won’t Just Get The Deed And Then Re-Sell It And Not Pay Me?

If I re-sell the deed that will be recorded at the court house, I have to sign our buyout agreement too, and that’s enforceable by you. So there’s no way I can do this without you knowing, and the buyout agreement is enforceable. Also, I plan on doing this for a long time, so I’m not going to risk my reputation for one deal.

Will This Stop Creditors And Save My Credit?

I can’t make your late payments or the history of judgments and liens come off of your credit report. But, if I’m successful, I can have an investor pay off the debt, stop future credit problems associated with that debt, and of course avoid a foreclosure on your credit. This would also, of course, keep the creditors from coming after any estate monies. If we wait too long, or if an investor can’t move fast enough, then I will at least be able to give you a portion of the surplus funds from the foreclosure, and any other debt you have won’t effect that.

Shouldn’t I Just List The Home With A Realtor® And Try To Sell It For Profit?

You are welcome to do that. If it doesn’t work out, please call me. BUT, give me enough time to find an investor, double-check the title work, and have the debt paid off. If we are too far along before you call me I won’t be able to help. Or if anyone else gets a lien against the property, it will be harder to sell this to an investor, because they’ll have to pay off more debt.

Can You Guarantee I Can Stay In My Home?

NO. You will have to leave the property. What I do will make it easier for you to recover from all of this, with your credit and debt problems minimized, if we can put a deal together.

Why Can’t You See If An Investor Is Willing To Do This Without Me Selling You The Deed?

I have to be able to pull the trigger on the deal without coming back to you. If I can work this out, I need to work fast. And I can’t risk that you’ll have a change of heart or that you don’t have other debt that is about to become a lien against the property. If debt keeps piling up in the form of a lien on the property, my investor won’t be able to pay it off, and we’re stuck. If the deed transfers, any creditor with a judgment that isn’t recorded yet can no longer make that a lien on property that you don’t have a deed on. Also, to be upfront, no investor is going to want to rent to someone who didn’t pay the mortgage or taxes on the property. That is, as you can imagine, more than a little risky to an investor.