BEFORE Foreclosure Solutions

We identify property scheduled for foreclosure and offer you a cash buyout of the property.  We will pay all closing costs, debt, attorney and court costs, etc.

We pay this immediately following the recording of a quit claim deed from the current owner(s) to our company.

We are BBB accredited, A+ Rated, and a member of

Please see BEFORE-Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions for More Information or call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
BEFORE-foreclosure solutions:

How Much Will You Pay Me/Us? 

Please fill out the Pre-Offer Contact Information web form (click link above), and request an offer. 

What If The Property Is In Poor Condition?

That is not an issue.  Regardless, we will ask for you to fill out a disclosure form to the best of your knowledge, when – or prior to – making an offer.

How Quickly Can I Get Paid?

Usually within 5 business days of when we receive the deed.  We have to record it, pay off debt, etc.

Is There a Deadline To Our Offer?

Yes!  We will give you that deadline included in the offer.  Usually, we need to be a minimum of two weeks out from the scheduled auction date, but can occasionally work with one week.  The less time we have, the more risk we will have, and your offer will be lower if you respond late than two weeks out.

Can I Stay In The Property?

No.  We can sometimes give you more time, but you will usually have no more than one week from the auction date to leave.

Can You Loan Me Money Or Allow Me To Rent The Property?

No. You have not paid your existing obligation, even upon threat of foreclosure auction.  That is not an acceptable level of risk for us.