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We have identified money, being held by a third party, that we believe belongs to you.  The funds we find are usually not in your name directly.  We encourage you to use other sources to find the money,  and you can click the link that follows to search any State.


Sources for these ‘lost funds’ include unclaimed inheritance/probate/estate monies, property condemnations, eminent domain cases, unclaimed tax refunds, partitions, overages, unclaimed judgment and lien payments, etc.

We enjoy recovering funds that are due to people like you and me – and in the majority of situations, our clients don’t even realize that these funds are waiting to be claimed.  We find lists of funds held by government agencies.  All over the country, there are billions of dollars of unclaimed funds being detained right now, ready to be requested.

Once we get a hold of these lists, we’ll review them and choose which claims are worth chasing and which aren’t.  Some won’t be – they’ll be too complex, or too muddled to interest us. We have learned to decide which ones to chase, and which to pass on.

We’ll devote a lot of time skip tracing (locating people who have moved on from their last “known” address). We need to find the claimant, irrespective of where she or he is situated today – occasionally even thousands of miles away from us.

But once we find the claimant, we inform them of the presence of the funds, try to get them under contract, and process their claim for the money that is rightfully theirs.

When we get an agreement to collect for an unclaimed money beneficiary, we’ll do all we can so our claim goes right the first time.

Ultimately, once the claim has gone through the legal process, we’ll get a check from the agency holding the funds. Then we’ll distribute the amount due the claimant. Typically, we’ll negotiate 40% of the recovery as our share – In some circumstances we’ll go for more, or settle for less.

When the smoke clears, we’ll get a check and disburse the funds according to our agreement.

The people who are owed money rarely know about it! If a claim isn’t made in the time fixed by law, the funds often “escheat” (get permanently acquired) by the agency holding them. We don’t like that! It’s just not right, and we want to make sure that never occurs.

If you would like us to see if you are owed money, please fill-out the form below. All information will be kept strictly confidential. If we DO find monies in your name, we will send you a standard agreement to get started.

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