Asset Recovery Specialists

We are asset recovery specialists, and we believe we have identified unclaimed monies that belong to you. We don’t charge anything upfront, and we NEVER ask for any personal information.  If we are not successful in proving your claim you owe us nothing.

Sources for these ‘lost funds’ include;

  1. unclaimed inheritance/probate/estate monies
  2. property condemnations and eminent domain cases
  3. unclaimed tax refunds
  4. partitions
  5. overages
  6. unclaimed judgment and lien payments, etc.

We know this sounds ‘too good to be true’. But it is true. The reason we are contacting you is to retrieve these funds from the funds holder, buy you out upfront, and make profit in the process.

Our offer for a buyout is based on our risk (we might not recover the money), the time it will take to retrieve the funds, and our costs. It isn’t cheap to find, research and retrieve these funds. But we do it every day, we take on all the expenses ourselves, and we are very good at it.

Right now, we have to confirm that we have the right person. Once we have confirmed that, we double check the funds being held, do further research to make sure we can retrieve the funds, and make you an offer.

We’re Better Business Bureau accredited, A+ Rated, and a member of Rightful Owner Project.