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Asset Recovery Specialists

We are experts in asset recovery.  Cashfinders “R” Us uses proprietary, forensic methods, to identify court held funds that do not appear on State unclaimed web sites.

Our Asset Recovery division works pretty much like an attorney’s firm.  Attorneys are allowed to charge a seemingly high fee for their services & knowledge.  They invest a lot of resources and some of their own money into every case.  Since many of the cases are not profitable, their real profit of doing business is actually lower than what they ask.

We utilize a lot of resources to close a deal. We audit millions of records, search thousands of databases, make untold number of trips to court houses and government agencies, pay for information, materials and lists, pay the PI’s, sometimes the attorneys and genealogists, and travel extensively.

All this to find the missing money, to find the beneficiary with the hope to close a deal for our efforts and recoup or make a profit on this investment of time, money and knowledge.

If you would like us to see if you are owed money, please fill out the form above.  All information will be kept strictly confidential. If we DO find monies in your name, we will send you a standard agreement.

Also, should this be deemed to be a probated estate, the heir finder’s fee may be higher. You will ALWAYS be notified in writing of ANY charges and your signature will be required. After filling-in the details click on the SUBMIT button.